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Looking for an unforgettable experience that will leave your audience inspired and empowered? Meet Ebi Oginni, a pediatrician turned inspirational speaker with a unique twist—she combines powerful speeches with heartfelt music. With professional training from renowned speakers like TED talk coach Holley Mignosi and Summer Dey, Ebi delivers “keynote concerts” that are not just inspiring, but truly unforgettable.

She’s a chart-topping contemporary gospel artist in the UK and the charismatic host of the Fulfilled Musicpreneur Podcast, which regularly breaks into the top 15 in its category. Beyond her individual accomplishments, Ebi is deeply committed to collective well-being. She’s currently spearheading a mental health project aimed at arming young people and their families with essential coping skills. From her wealth of experience and lessons she has learned as a doctor and coach,  Ebi gives keynote concerts, talks centred around relevant themes, accompanied by songs she has written. Listeners leave feeling invigorated and inspired to go after their dreams and make a lasting impact in their world With her unique blend of joy, perseverance, and faith, Ebi Oginni is not just a speaker; she’s a transformational experience waiting to happen! 

Your Support Makes "Pursue Your Passion Unicover Your Calling" Possible

Topics Include

  • Resilience
  • Team Building
  • Discovering your purpose

Ebi can give her keynote concerts in person or virtually, at

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Annual Banquets
  • Colleges (including commencements)
  • High Schools (including commencements)
  • Private Events
  • Church Events

To make a booking, please email or call +447721713347

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