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Monetize Your Music - An 8 week program to get your profitable music business up and running!

Welcome to my coaching Page. I’m thrilled you’re here:-). I’m Ebi Oginni, a music business coach for emerging artists. I help them come up with a personalised plan so they can quickly and confidently go on to have a fulfilling and profitable career.

 I get hired to teach artists how to take giant strides in their music career without feeling overwhelmed and without wasting time and money!

I love being informed. I hate floundering and I know you feel the same. Since I started in the music business, I have been on a journey to amass as much information and knowledge as I can on how to go about building my career independently. And the first lesson I earned is- You can’t figure it all out on your own. We all need help. With the help I got, I went from knowing next to nothing about the music business to releasing 6 singles, and 3 of them making the top 5 contemporary gospel tracks on the UK Christian charts.

This program spans 8 weeks and I’ve created these 8 modules so we can focus on the most important things first to help you start seeing results from the first week. Through my coaching program, I’ll help you achieve clarity much quicker so you can start acting and getting results quicker. 

  • Week 1- Laying the Right Foundation, Knowing your mission, your vision, having a bold message.
  • -Stand out in your messaging. Speak boldly and confidently directly to the people your message is designed to reach so your ideal fans can find you much quicker.
  • Week 2- Branding elements, your values, telling your story.
  • Stand out in how you present yourself so you are regarded as a leader, professional, respected and an authority in the industry
  • Week 3- Setting up your emails, welcome series, nurture series
  • Automate your business so it runs without your help, so you can grow your audience make sales while asleep, so you can focus on other things 
  • Week 4- Ways to start growing your list, organic and paid.
  • -Grow to 100 email list subscribers in 8 weeks and much more over time
  • Week 5- marketing Funnels
  • Automate selling, so you sell once and it runs on repeat to every new client that joins your email list
  • Week 6- Merch, printful, setting up shop, products, services, subscriptions
  • Create other income stream avenues and know how to run them in a simple manner
  • Week 7- Crowdfunding videos, messages, emails
  • -Get ready to launch your first crowdfunding campaign and get the funds you need to get your business up and running
  • Week 8- Website, Bio, Marketing tips and tricks
  • Set up your website and launch your crowdfunding campaign

Your Support Makes "Pursue Your Passion Unicover Your Calling" Possible


Facebook Groups- £150
Whatsapp Group- one to one Support-£300
Monetize your music course- £49£
Fulfilled Musicpreneur Academy- £200

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