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The compelling book “Pursue Your Passion Unicover Your Calling” weaves together personal tales with a more comprehensive examination of the foster care and group home systems. Using humor, candor, and a hint of unfiltered emotion, Elliott and Iszel Glover describe their experiences and create a vivid picture of their trip.

About Ebi Oginni

Ebi Oginni is a fervent supporter of reform who uses her own extraordinary life experiences to highlight the terrible realities that are frequently disregarded in the foster and group home systems. During her early and adolescent years, she and her siblings navigated group homes and alternative living arrangements, giving him a unique perspective on the difficulties faced by those growing up in comparable circumstances.

Ebi Oginni left the system of group homes as an adult and went on to pursue further education. Her pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Business is evidence of his tenacity and fortitude. Motivated by the eerie recollections of her history, she was driven to tell the world his story. With his work, he hopes to increase awareness of the struggles that many people within

Pursue Your Passion, Uncover Your Calling

Take Off on an Exciting Story of Brotherhood and Resilience The captivating memoir “Pursue Your Passion Uncover Your Calling” is unveiled.

Survival, Tenacity, and the Unbreakable Spirit

The biography “Pursue Your Passion Uncover Your Calling” is a tale of survival, tenacity, and the unbreakable power of the human spirit.

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